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Tops Checkers Card Holders

Tops Tops

Description - These fun toys can entertain young and old.

Material - Various materials
Finish - Tung Oil & Carbanuba Wax or polished natural wood
Dimensions - Various diameters, shapes and weights.

Product Number # - T82
Price - $5 CAD

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Checkers Checkers

Description - This cloth checker board travels with the checkers pieces in a cloth bag when purchased as a package. The board can also be used for chess with appropriate pieces.

Material - Cotton fabric for the checker board and natural edge wood for the checker pieces
Finish - Cloth is untreated, checker pieces are varnished
Dimensions - Board is 16in square and the pieces are 1/4in x 2in diameter

Product Number # - P19
Price - $50 CAD ($25 for only board or checker pieces)

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Card Holders Playing Card Holders

Description - This solid wood piece helps hold your playing cards in an organized way while you play your game. They reduce stress on your hands. The holders come in single or multiple slots depending on your preference.

Material - Cedar
Finish - Verathane
Dimensions - Single slot ~ 0.75 x 1.75 x 11 inches
or Multiple slots ~ 0.75 x 2.5 x 7 inches

Product Number # - P12
Price - $10/pair CAD

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