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The Artist

David Murray was born into an artistic family of 9 in Montreal, Quebec. Everyone in the family was encouraged to experiment with their own creative instincts. David became interested in working with wood and fabric at an early age by creating unique personalized gifts and mementoes.

One of his first projects was a sewing box created following a pattern in a magazine article. As time when on, David's interest in working with his hands led him to furniture restoration. It was not until after raising his own family that he became seriously involved in quilt making. His first big quilting project was to prepared memory quilts for each of his five children.

From there, David has gone on to take courses in woodworking, furniture restoration, canning, wood turning, wood carving, cloth dying and quilt making to improve his skills and broaden his experience with different wood and fabric forms.

After retirement, there was more time to explore options and different medium. Over time David has slowly upgraded his modest workshop to enable him to address restoration projects as well as new items of interest. He has also designed and build unique items in response to custom requests. He developed this website "www.customcrafts.ca" to showcase a selection of what he has been able to accomplish as he explores his creative side.

David has worked with Old School Builders and volunteered with Helping With Furniture, Victoria Quilts Canada, Ottawa Artisans Guild, Capital Artisans Guild, The Good Companions, Ottawa Police Chorus and Men Of The Tay Chorus.

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