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Bird House Wine bottle holder Eggs Tea Lights Wall Hanging P8 Marshmellow Toaster

Bird House Decorative Bird House

Description - This decorative wall mounted bird house was prepared in support of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists Birdhouse Blowout Auction. Proceeds will go to the Mississippi Valley Cliff Bennett Bursary Fund. More Info It was created over several weeks of soaking, bending, drying, nailing and eventually sewing together scraps of various materials in my shop while I experimented with my creative side. While birds can use the front door, you can have access to the inside from the back to complete any cleaning. Like any good piece of art, this work can hang on an exterior porch wall giving year round enjoyment wether it has a tenant or not.

Material - Maple, Pine & Cane
Finish - Natural wood
Dimensions - 12 in wide x 6 in deep x 24 in high

Product Number # - 208
Price - Auction April 11-23, 2021

Birdhouse Blowout Auction
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Wine bottle holder Wine Bottle Holder

Description - Decorative holder for a single wine bottle.

Material - Maple
Finish - Acrylic paint & Varnish
Dimensions - 14 inches long x 6 inches high x 5.5 inches deep

Product Number # - 206
Price - $250 CAD

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Toaster Handle Marshmellow Toasters

Description - Built for comfortable in your hand while keeping you at a safe distance from the campfire.

Material - Various woods with 1/8” stainless steel shaft
Finish - Tung Oil & Carbanuba Wax or paint
Dimensions - Various sizes to fit large & small hands with shafts from 2ft to 3ft long

Product Number # - T180
Price - $25 CAD

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Wall Hanging Wall Hanging ~ Shelf

Description - Decorative wall shelf constructed from a laminated maple form that holds the cane while supporting a small shelf.

Material - Maple & Cane
Finish - Varnish
Dimensions - 21 inches tall x 11.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep

Product Number # - P8
Price - $60 CAD

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Tea Lights Tea Lights

Description - This solid wood piece hold a single tea Light and decorates a quiet space with gentle light. Includes a new tea light

Material - Elm
Finish - Tung Oil & Carbanuba Wax
Dimensions - 5.25 inches diameter & 1.5 inches high

Product Number # - T48
Price - $15 CAD

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Eggs Comfort Eggs

Description - There are soothing properties in caressing a smooth piece of natural wood in ones hand. Take this turned, polished and unfinished forms.

Material - Made from various woods
Finish - Polished natural wood
Dimensions - Size varies to fit into sit comfortably in your hand

Product Number # - T185
Price - $5 CAD

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